“How to Break Up With Your Bad Money Habits” PART 2: Podcast Interview with the Smart Girl Money Coach

Break Up with Your Bad Money Habits

You will love this first of many-to-come episodes on the Financially FitFluential theme– why are we talking about finances? Because stress is one of the #1 contributors to bad health- and what’s one of the #1 causes of stress?

MONEY problems.

Attack your money problems, attack your stress, improve your health.

Tune into this 2-part episode with Amy Schultz and get ready to LEARN A TON about managing your money issues for the better!

Check out this episode! 

This is part 2- if you haven’t listened to part 1 yet, CLICK HERE. 

Amy Schultz founded SmartGirlMoney to help women develop healthy relationships with money after experiencing the deep connection between emotional and financial well-being in her own life. She knows firsthand how poor money habits can stunt personal and professional growth and leave us frozen in a bad mental state. The mission of SmartGirlMoney is to help women take control of their personal finances so they can live a life they love. Amy’s money coaching includes a holistic approach to financial well-being that resonates with women on a personal level. Her coaching method and workshops promote mindfulness in overcoming money challenges and developing good money habits that last a lifetime. You can follow her on instagram too by CLICKING HERE.

What are YOUR biggest money or budget or debt concerns? Let us know what we can address in upcoming Financially FitFluential posts!!

P.S. If you can relate to the issue of STRESS and its negative impact on your health and wellness, you’ll probably enjoy some of the blog posts and other FitFluential Podcast interviews linked below: 

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