“I Move Me” with ASICS

“I Move Me” with ASICS

December 28, 2018 –

This post is sponsored by my friends at Zappos but all opinions are always my own.


Do you ever just put on certain pair of shoes and feel like you can take on the world?

As someone who is literally in workout shoes for a living, and even days when I’m not working, what I choose to wear on my feet matters.


When people ask my opinion on what shoes to buy, I talk from experience and only want to recommend ones that I truly love.

A show should make you feel like getting up and MOVIN’.

Even on a completely overcast day, you can still find beauty in movement.

I mean, how amazing is water that literally looks like glass?


So, what inspires you to move?

As a Trainer, especially during the holidays, I think it’s super important to really focus in on WHY we are moving.


We often can get caught up in “burning off that cookie” or feeling guilty for something we ate and make that the driving force behind our movement.

Trust me, I spent years struggling with my purpose for fitness. I use to over-do and under-eat, just to be “happy”.

I’d force myself to the gym instead of listening to my body and maybe getting in some extra Z’s that my body truly needed.

The truth is, I never found “happiness” in this state of mind and my relationship with fitness needed help.


I think it’s so important to realize that fitness should come from a place of enjoyment & health.

Instead of signing up for that spin class out of guilt, let’s sign up for that spin class out of excitement and from a place of purpose.

Instead of trying to burn X amount of calories to make up for your Christmas dinner…why don’t we reflect on the memories that were made and the food that was enjoyed?


My friends at ASICS are challenging all of us this Holiday season to remember that “I MOVE ME”…meaning that WE are in charge of our WHY when it comes to movement.


Their new comfy GT-2000 styles, available on Zappos, offer lightweight yet stable slice, shift, & stitch dimensions to help shift your idea of your purpose for movement both mentally and physically.

Plus, Zappos is always coming in clutch with their SUPER fast & reliable shipping…I literally had my new shoes on my porch within 24 hours! Crazy.


These shoes make you feel like you’re flying which is why I’ve always been a fan of ASICS for running.


So let’s all share what MOVES us!

Share below with “I MOVE ME because….” so we can all be inspired by each other.

I hope you’re having an amazing Holiday Season & are enjoying every moment with whoever you’re surrounded by & moving from a place health & purpose.

Always here to support you!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

Photography: my girl @Mikayla_PascoPhotography

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