Sweet & Slimming Matcha Nice Cream Recipe

Make this healthy vegan, non-dairy matcha ice cream recipe for National Ice Cream Day.

Who doesn’t love a lil’ ice cream on a summer night with your girls or a date night?! 🍦😋🍨This Sunday is National Ice Cream Day (I mean personally, we think it should be every day but…haha). So to celebrate we’re sharing one of our favorite healthy ice cream recipes! This matcha nice cream recipe is completely non-diary, vegan, and seriously delicious. Plus, matcha is packed with antioxidants and naturally detoxifying. Sooo it’s basically detox ice cream!

Whip it up this weekend! Enjoy babe!



Matcha Nice Cream

Makes 3 servings


1 tsp. matcha powder

1 1/2 frozen bananas, sliced

¼ cup dairy-free milk (almond, coconut, cashew, or hemp seed)

Pinch of Himalayan salt


1. In a food processor, blend until smooth. Serve immediately

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